GDU Terms of Use

Welcome to use the products and services of GDU Technology Company (hereinafter referred to as GDU), this provision is specifically signed to clarify the rights and obligations of both sides. Before using GDU’s products and services, please carefully read the terms here under. Use of a product and service provided by GDU will be deemed as fully accepting the terms of service.

Scope of the terms

In this provision, "GDU" refers to GDU Technology Company together with its related products, services and associated business if any. And "User" indicates anyone who uses GDU products and services, which are more often addressed as "you". “The software” is a software product developed by GDU, including but not limited to software products designed to run on mobile terminals and PCs. Under this provision, the services refer to the products and services GDU provides for you, including but not limited to hardware products, data synchronization, interaction, value-added Internet, and e-commerce service.

Trademark right

Except as otherwise stated, all the trademarks together with logos presented, mentioned or used in other approaches on GDU Official Website ( belong to GDU. And no one shall use the above trademarks and logos in any way without the written permission of GDU or a third party entitled to the trademark rights. Or GDU will reserve the right to investigate for their corresponding legal liability.


Except as otherwise stated, the copyrights of all contents on this website belong to GDU. In terms of every content of this website, any person or organization shall neither employ any way to copy, spread, photocopy, and display, nor link to other sites, transfer through hyperlinks, upload with image method to other servers, retain in an information retrieval system or download and copy for any commercial purpose without the written permission of GDU or a third party entitled to the trademark rights. If downloading or copying the contents of the web page is based on non-commercial purpose, then it is not allowed to modify any content during use, and the content as well as the form of copyright statement contained in the original document should be retained.

Other intellectual property

Except as otherwise stated, GDU Official Website ( and other register domains belong to GDU with the protection of relevant laws. Any entity or individual shall not use the above register domain that is easy to cause confusion or ambiguity without GDU’s permission. Other product or service names, together with relevant graphics and logos on GDU official website are proprietary identifications of GDU, and any entity or individual shall not use unauthorizedly in any manner (including but not limited to: copy, reprint, edit, excerpts , spread, display, and image etc.).

Accounts and registration

To access certain functions provided through GDU service, you must be registered with a GDU account. To enable the use of GDU’s products and services, you need to have full civil capacity, or in case of no full civil capacity, you shall obtain the consent of your legal representative and the GDU account registration shall be completed by your legal representative. You will be required to provide information on your own to us. Meanwhile, you shall state and guarantee that the information you provide to us is true and accurate, and also, you will be requested to provide a password. Please be responsible for maintenance of your account and password security, in addition, you shall fulfill corresponding obligations and bear legal responsibilities for all the activities conducted in the GDU account.

In case of any problem caused by the untruthfulness of personal information, you shall bear the corresponding consequences. The personal information provided (including but not limited to user name) should conform to network morals, and must not contain any threatening, obscene, abusive, illegal words, words invading other’s rights, or words that are controversial.

Account registration is deemed as your agreement, GDU has right to release various public or commercial advertisement information, as well as send activities materials and other relevant data to you through a variety of ways (including but not limited to page advertising, email advertising and entrainment advertising)

Account ownership belongs to GDU. After completing application and registration formalities, you could only gain the right to use the account and the usage right merely belongs to the initial applicant or registrant. If you do not access the account in long term after account registration, GDU is entitled to recover the account so as to avoid the waste of resources, any loss resulting shall be undertaken on your own.

Acquisition of software

You can obtain the software directly from GDU website, and acquisition could also be achieved from an authorized third party by GDU. In case that you obtain the software or an installation program with the same name as the software from a third party without GDU’s authorization, GDU will be unable to guarantee the normal use of the software, and will not be responsible for the losses caused to you.

Installation and uninstallation of software

GDU may develop different software versions for different terminal devices, you should choose to download the appropriate version and install according to the practical situation. After downloading installation program, you need to install it correctly in accordance with the steps of procedure instructions. To provide more superior and safe service, GDU may recommend you to install other software during installation of this software; and it’s your choice either install or not install. In the event that you no longer need to use the software or demand to install a new version of software, you are free to uninstall it. And please notify the reason of uninstallation if you would like to help GDU to improve products and services.

Software update

In order to improve user experience and consummate service content, GDU will make continue efforts to develop new service and provide you with software update frequently (these updates may take the forms of software replace, modify, function strengthen, and version upgrade). In order to sustain the security of software and service as well as the consistency of functions, GDU is entitled to update the software, change or restrict partial functions of the software without making particular notification to you. After releasing new software version, the old version may not be employed. GDU will not guarantee the availability of the old version software and the relevant customer services, therefore, please verify at any time and download the latest version.

User obligations

You shall comply with laws and regulations during use of products and services provided by GDU, and shall not use the site or services to engage in illegal activities, including but not limited to:

  • 1. Publish, transmit, spread, or store contents that jeopardize national security and unity, undermine social stability, violate public order and good custom, insult or slander others, obscene contents, contents on violence as well as any content in violation of national laws and regulations;
  • 2. Publish, transmit, spread and store the contents of legal rights that infringe upon intellectual property rights of others and trade secrets;
  • 3. Maliciously fabricate facts, conceal the truth so as to mislead and deceive others;
  • 4. Publish, transmit and spread advertising information as well as junk information;
  • 5. Other behaviors prohibited by laws and regulations;

If you are in violation of the provision, the relevant state organs or institutions may take a legal action, fine or adopt other sanctions against you, and they will also demand for GDU’s assistance. In terms of the damages caused consequently, you shall compensate according to law and GDU shall not undertake any responsibility.

In discovery of any other violation of the provision, you have right and obligation to timely report or complain to GDU, as a result, GDU could take measures to stop the illegal behaviors, and jointly maintain a good and orderly network environment.

Responsibility for breach of contract

On condition that GDU discoveries or receives others’ reports for your violation of the provisions regarding the information released by you, GDU is entitled to carry independent judgment and take technical means to delete, block or disconnect. At the same time, GDU has right to take measures including but not limited to suspend or terminate services, restrict, freeze or terminate GDU account use, as well as investigate for legal responsibility depending on the nature of the user's behavior, in case of any breach of the provisions leading to third-party damage, you shall independently shoulder the responsibility; and compensation shall be made together if GDU suffers a loss as a consequence.

Data security

We will do everything possible to insure the integrity and security of personal information collected and preserved, and take a relatively reliable technical insurance measures. However, GDU shall not take responsibility for deletion of relevant data and storage failure in the software together with the services; GDU is entitled to decide at its own discretion the longest data storage period of single user in the software and services according to the actual situation. You can backup the related data in the software and services voluntarily based on your own needs; if you stop using the software and services or in the event that the service is terminated or cancelled, GDU can permanently delete your data from the server. Once the service is stopped, terminated or cancelled, GDU shall have no obligations to return any data to you. When suffering from extreme network attacks or hacking, we cannot and will not guarantee that your information will not be able to be accessed, viewed, modified, disclosed, or breach of any destruction of our body, technology or organization guarantee.

Privacy protection

Your mobile phone number and email address shall be submitted for creating an account. When you are using GDU products or services, in order to ensure the normal realization of corresponding functions of GDU products and services, you may need provide following information: geographic location information of your device, device configuration information, shared text or pictures, flight data (including sensor data, navigation system data, device data, control data, flight restriction data and environmental perception visual data) etc., we may also collect your product usage log records, IP addresses for accessing our products or services, time information, etc. If you refuse to provide such information, we will not be able to provide you with corresponding services, but it will not affect your use of other functions of Universal products and services:

  • 1. In order for the needs to improve products, record the information of user's habit and preference.
  • 2. In order for the needs of providing your customized services;
  • 3. According to the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, or the related government departments;
  • 4. In order to safeguard GDU’s legitimate rights;
  • 5. In order for the needs to safeguard the public interests;
  • 6. Other situations GDU deem necessary that not violating your personal interests.

Third party link responsibility statement

This website may contain links to third party websites in a particular time, in order to better restrict liability, GDU shall shoulder no responsibility for any content of a third party website. In the use of a third party website, you may need to carefully consult and accept its terms of use, and bear relevant risks and legal liabilities on your own.

Third party SDK name
Purpose of collection and use
Provide map services for easier control of the drone
Provide map services for,easier control of the drone
Evaluating the ANR status of the current process,,troubleshoot crashes,and improve the APP stability

Change, interrupt and terminate the service contents

The products and services provided by GDU will be strictly enforced on the complete basis of the articles of association uploaded, the terms of service as well as operating rules. GDU is entitled to modify the terms of service when necessary, in case of variation of the terms of service, the modified contents will be reminded on the important page, and we will also try our best to inform you. Besides, once you accept, it will take effect immediately and included in the terms. If you refuse to accept the change, GDU will have right to terminate this provision. Please periodically visit this page and realize any change, we may choose to update irregularly.

Continue to use indicates that you have read, understood and agreed to the latest version of the provision. At the same time, GDU could decide on its own to (permanent or temporary) close GDU (or any function in GDU) without prior notice based on certain business or reasonable considerations.

GDU is entitled to independently determine whether your behavior is in accordance with the provision, in case that you are against the relevant requirements of laws and regulations as well as government authorities, or any stipulations of the provision, GDU must terminate these terms. If GDU decides to stop operation, then it could terminate these terms at any time. But after the termination of these terms, all legitimate rights you and GDU acquired from these terms and all the legal obligations and liabilities that shall be undertaken (all the legal rights, obligations and responsibilities accumulated along with time when these terms go into force), or all indefinite valid legal rights, obligations and responsibilities explicitly stipulated, shall not be affected because of termination of the provision.

Notice of delivery

Under the provision, all GDU’s notification for users could be carried through the forms of web announcement, email and SMS etc.; the notice on the date of sending shall be viewed as having been delivered to the recipient.

User notifications for GDU shall be delivered through officially released contact information, such as mailing address, fax number as well as e-mail address.

Risk statement

The existing risks will be fully borne by their own when users expressly agree with the use of GDU website or services; GDU could not sustain that the network service will certainly be able to meet the user requirements, or guarantee network services will not be interrupted, and there is no assurance for timeliness, security and accuracy of the network service. In case of network service interruption or other defects caused by force majeure or uncontrolled reason of GDU, together with the losses and accidents resulting from not following the instructions of user's manual, safety guidelines and instruction books when using GDU’s product or service, GDU shall not assume any responsibility, but will try to reduce losses and the impact caused to you.

Law application and dispute resolution

The effect and interpretation of the terms of service are governed by laws of the People’s Republic of China, and both you and GDU agree to obey the jurisdiction of Chinese court. In the event of a conflict between GDU’s terms of use and laws and regulations of People's Republic of China, these terms shall be interpreted and executed in full accordance with laws and regulations, and other terms and conditions shall remain effective. Besides, in case of any disputes between you and GDU as a result of the services, it shall be resolved through negotiation. And in terms of the insolvable disputes by negotiation, it shall be handed over to the people's court with jurisdiction for ruling in the seat of GDU.