Aerial Surveying
Aerial surveying is widely used in construction, disaster analysis and relief, land supervision, resource development and many other fields.
Efficient and Cost-effective
Regular aerial surveying can consolidate projects' reliability, minimize human errors, provide shareable data that can be used to settle disputes, avoid mistakes that result in rework, and help with more efficient resource use.
Multi-dimensional Data Acquisition
With LiDAR and other camera payloads, drone missions can provide insights that lead to significant impacts, from navigable 3D models, to thermal inspections, and to detailed orthomosaic maps.
Data Management
The data collected by the front end is uploaded to the cloud remotely, and the administrator remotely downloads the data and processes the aerial surveying data, which can perform 2D stitching and 3D modeling.
One RC for Multiple Drones
GDU Smart RC See Remote Controller supports two trajectory planning methods, APP end and MS server end. Users can send multiple task commands to drones at the same time for them to collect geographic data at the same time.
Select drone and payloads based on project requirements
Analyze project requirements and the environment of the area to be surveyed to configure flight details
Plan flight routes in GDU Flight II or third-party software and then upload them to the drone
Drone executing flight mission and collecting data
Ground team validates and uploads the collected data for processing
Aerial surveying completed with DOM/DSM or 3D models
Key Products
POC01 Ortho Camera
POP05 Oblique Camera
Aerial Surveying
Land Surveying
Urban Surveying
Construction Surveying
Natural Resource Management
Cadastral Surveying
Engineeing Surveying
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