Aerial Surveying
It widely used in major national engineering construction, disaster emergency and handling, land supervision, resource development and other fields.
Regular aerial inspections and surveys reinforce accountability, minimize mistakes, and provide shareable data that can be used to settle disputes, avoid mistakes that require rework, and generally deploy resources more effectively.
Multidimensional data collection
With LiDar and other cameras, it contributes to powerful insights that make a significant impact, from navigable 3D models and thermal inspections to detailed orthomosaic maps.
Data management, remote transmission
The data collected by the front end is uploaded to the cloud remotely, and the administrator remotely downloads the data and processes the aerial surveying data, which can perform 2D stitching and 3D modeling.
One remote control multiple drones
It supports two trajectory planning methods, APP end and MS server end, users can send multiple tasks to the corresponding UAV at the same time, and multiple UAVs collect geographic data synchronously.
Work Flow
Select the corresponding UAV and payloads based on different site
Analyze project requirements, survey area environment and other factors to formulate
flight parameters
Plan the flight path in the APP or MS software, and upload the track to the UAV
UAVs perform flight missions and collect geographic data
After the field team checks that the data is correct, upload the collected data to the
MS, and the administrator downloads and processes the data
Complete the aerial survey mission and generate DOM/DSM results&3D models
Key Products
POC01 Ortho Camera
POP05 Oblique Camera
Aerial Surveying
Land Surveying
City Surveying
Construction Surveying
Natural Resource Management
Cadastral Surveying
Engineeing Surveying
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