PVL-8K Camera
More Than Clear
It can easily shoot 48-megapixel photos and 6K@30fps video, with delicate and clear imaging, providing insight beyond vision for security, forestry, transportation, surveying, electricity and other scenarios. At the same time, a new attitude fusion control algorithm is adopted to a high-precision 3D stabilization gimbal, which can capture clear and stable images even in high-speed flight and vigorous exercise
More Than Clear
Break through the visual constraints, can shoot 48 million pixel photos and videos, and capture more ultra-clear details for industrial use.
Portable size and light weight, easy to store and carry, meet the requirements of lightweight equipment in various operating scenarios
Taking into account the overall situation and details, it is multi-purpose to meet the shooting needs of high-definition image quality in various work scenarios
3D Stabilization,Outstanding Imaging
The new attitude fusion control algorithm creates a high-precision 3-axis stabilization gimbal with an image stabilization accuracy of 0.01°, which allows the camera to remain stable even in intense motion.
Power Grid
Police Law-enforcement
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