Engraving a 3D World
PLI01 is a lightweight LiDAR developed for multi-rotors. It's built with a compact LiDAR system, an inertial navigation system, a control system, and high-resolution mapping cameras. It can efficiently collect high-precision point cloud and detail-rich images, ideal for surveying and mapping, power line inspection, forest preservation, precision agriculture, land planning, disaster relief, and mine safety.
Triple Echoes For More Under-the-Cover Stories
With excellent point cloud penetration of three echoes, even in scenes with high vegetation coverage, you can obtain complete understory terrain data information
High-quality Point Cloud
Fusion GNSS, high-precision inertial navigation, to generate centimeter-level high-precision results, presenting more accurate 3D scenes for job requirements
Efficient Operation
Distance measurement capability up to 450m (80% reflectivity), single operation area up to 2k㎡, efficient and flexible to meet the needs of each operation
Software Service Only One Click Away
A series of software can provide users with integrated solutions such as one-click processing of point cloud data, automatic route planning, point cloud defect analysis, etc.
Aerial Surveying
Power Grid
Forestry Monitoring
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