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Main Part Warranty Period

1. In case of any fault caused by the quality problem of the product under normal use, GDU will be responsible for providing free warranty during the warranty period.

2. From the date of purchase, the corresponding warranty service can be enjoyed with the date filled in on the invoice and warranty card as the starting date. If you can't provide a valid purchase invoice and warranty card, Puzhou will calculate the warranty period according to the original shipping date of the product you purchased. The original shipping date is determined by the product serial number (S/N).

3. Users are responsible for the security of their local data. Before maintenance, users need to back up the video, photos and other information by themselves, and Puzhou does not assume responsibility for data damage or loss.

4. The spare parts that have been repaired and replaced are owned by GDU.

5. Not-for-sale gifts do not belong to the scope of free maintenance.

GDU promises to meet the following conditions, and it can put forward the request for return and replacement within 7 working days from the date of product sale (subject to the signing date published on the express website). Please contact the purchasing channel directly to inquire about the return and replacement.

1. If one of the following conditions is met, replacement can be required:

When the customer received the goods and signed for them, he unpacked them in front of the deliverer for inspection, and found that the products were damaged due to transportation.

The goods actually received do not match the deion of the order.

After unpacking, the product cannot be started normally according to the instructions or under the guidance of technicians.

2. If one of the following conditions is met, the goods can be returned:

Within 7 working days after receiving the goods, the customer found that the goods had obvious manufacturing defects when they were not used.

After a replacement, the goods still have quality problems caused by non-human factors.

The goods are still not received 5 working days after the delivery time promised by GDU due to human reasons.

3. Under the following circumstances, GDU has the right to reject the customer's request for return and replacement:

The goods are damaged due to transportation, and the delivery personnel are not required to return or replace the goods on the spot when receiving the goods.

The request for return and replacement of products beyond 7 working days.

When returning or replacing goods, legal purchase vouchers or documents cannot be provided, or documents are forged or ed.

The goods have been tested by the technical support department of Puzhou Company and have no quality problems.

Product quality problems caused by collision and burning not caused by its own quality problems, as well as unauthorized modification, foreign matters (water, oil, sand, etc.), incorrect installation, use and operation not in accordance with the instructions.

Tear and  labels, product serial numbers, anti-counterfeiting marks, etc.

Products damaged due to unavoidable factors, such as fire, flood, lightning, traffic accidents and other force majeure.

1. The following conditions can enjoy free maintenance service:

The product has been used normally within the specified product warranty period since the purchase, and there is a non-artificial performance failure of the product.

No unauthorized disassembly, no modification or installation guided by unofficial manuals, or other non-human-caused failures.

The product serial number, factory label and other signs are not torn or ed.

Provide valid proof of purchase, documents and warranty certificates.

2. The following situations do not belong to the scope of warranty:

Products beyond the warranty period

Products purchased from unofficial authorized channels

Man-made, non-product quality problems caused by the failure.

Failures caused by operation and installation not in accordance with the provisions of the user manual.

Faults caused by unauthorized disassembly and unauthorized modification.

Failures caused by natural wear and tear of parts and natural disasters.

Failures caused by reliability and compatibility issues when using third-party parts.

Failure or damage caused by incorrect installation, operation, or use in a working environment other than that specified by the product (such as high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, high altitude, unstable current or voltage, etc.).

Malfunctions that occur when the product is used for illegal activities.

Failures generated when flying in public safety places, over crowds or in dangerous areas.

Damage caused by accident, abuse (including overloading), misuse.

Damage caused by improper storage.

Damage caused by the use of self-compiled or non-publicly distributed software that causes the product to not be used normally.

Damage caused by repairs performed by an unofficial authorized repair facility.


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