PQL01 Quad-sensor Camera
Four Makes Invincible One
The quad-sensor payload features a wide-angle camera, an infrared camera, a zoom camera, and a laser rangefinder. They compliment each other with their distinctive abilities and provide pilots with more perspectives in more than just one scenario.
Ultra-clear Imaging
The zoom camera can snap ultra-clear photos of up to 48MP. In addition, it supports 28x hybrid optical zoom (220x hybrid zoom max), so you may inspect power lines, solar panels, and bridges without having to fly the drone to the target up-closely. Plus, you can work the zoom camera and the wide-angle camera together to get details and a wide perspective at the same time, boosting efficiency at the end of the day.
Precise Temperature Measurement
At the core of the infrared camera beats our self-developed ceramic-based chip, which delivers high performance in insulation and thermal conductivity. So you the thermal imaging you get is more precise.
High-precision Ranging and Positioning
With the rangefinder, you may target objects as faraway as 1500 m. And its smart positioning may quickly deliver the coordinates of the target and the distance in between.
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