PDL-300 Dual-sensor Camera
PDL-300 is a dual-sensor camera that allows you to take sharp photos of up to 48MP with the visible camera and do thermal inspections with an infrared resolution of 640 × 512. It's so lightweight that it weighs around 388g only but so powerful that you can use it to inspect powerlines and solar panels, and watch for any signs of abnormal temperature rise in cities and forests.
Dual-sensored for Day and Night Inspections
Being dual-sensored means that your inspection is less affected by the weather and lighting conditions — it can take place anytime during the day.
Extra clear
Take sharp photos of up to 48MP with the visible camera, so you don't miss important details.
Accurate Temperature Measurement
The infrared camera takes thermal images with objects, humans, and animals differentiated from each other even when they appear in a clutter, so you can better observe your target.
Versatility is the Word
Use PDL-300 to find missing nuts in transmission towers, heat signatures in forests, stranded hikers at night, and many more with its 48MP visible camera and powerful infrared ability.
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