Software service
GDU Flight Ⅱ App
The operation is simple and efficient, and the HD picture is synchronized in real time,and it supports setting the route to control the autonomous operation of the drone, improving work efficiency.
GDU UVER Intelligent Management Platform
GDU UVER intelligent management platform uses the network as the media to realize the remote interconnection between the UAV automatic docking station and the UAV in the command center.The command center can remotely issue operation tasks to the UAV automatic docking station and UAV at any time, and the UAV docking station and UAV can send back the on-site image in real time, and the results will be automatically uploaded after the operation is completed.
Skynet Operation Management System
Through the linkage operation of self-developed drones, payloads and docking station, integrating leading technologies such as big data, machine learning, IoT, AI, etc., combined with the operation needs of multiple industries and fields, we have created Skynet Operation Management System. It is committed to building a low-altitude multi-dimensional data perception ecology and UAV sharing platform. Through intelligent scene analysis and processing, it truly realizes the integrated management of low-altitude resources in one network.
Application Software
Power Application System Software Platform
Fisheries Smart Law Enforcement Platform
Fire Rescue Command Platform
It consists of five independent sub-platforms, namely "Point Cloud Management Platform", "Flight Track Management Platform", "UVER Intelligent Management Platform", "Skynet Operation Management System" and "Data Analysis Platform". The sub-platforms can intercommunicate with each other through the interface, which can be combined arbitrarily according to business requirements, or can be used independently to create a comprehensive business platform for smart power inspection.
It uses advanced information collection, transmission, big data, AI and other technologies to seamlessly cover the entire watershed, AI identification and early warning of illegal acts, accurate early warning information push, networked inspection and disposal, and civil air defense technology. By means of anti-unification scheduling, etc., it can realize the whole-process management of illegal identification, task distribution, disposal, reporting and feedback, comprehensive analysis, and scheduling decision-making in the supervision and law enforcement of prohibition of arrest.
The Manual-Machine Co-defense
Feedback notification
By upgrading technical means and optimizing fire monitoring function, It achieves scientific and efficient analysis. It has intelligent analysis functions such as fire point detection, personnel detection, and AR labeling, and supports one diagram display. On-site commanders can operate 2D maps and 3D models to achieve path planning, fire point marking, resource display, force deployment, measurement analysis and other functions, improving the efficiency of on-site rescue command.
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