Emergency and Firefighting
The drone solution we built for emergencies is comprised of command vehicle at the core, decorated with drones, AI, 5G, and EO/IR systems, offering firefighters multiple perspectives to make informed decisions.
Perspectives Enriched With Aerial Footage
Aerial perspective is now added to the table for better informed decision making.
Quick Response
Drones, when working with docking stations deployed at fixed points, make patrol and surveillance at any given time a possibility.
Post-disaster Analysis
Use payloads such as PVL-8K cameras to snap crisp and high-definition photos for photogrammetry in post-disaster analysis.
Urban Firefighting
Forest Inspection
Water Rescue
Smart Fire Detection and Warning
Hotspot monitoring
Diverse Payloads for Improved Efficiency
Task implementing with a variety of payloads engineered for diverse scenarios.
Intelligent Command
Real-time Modeling with data captured and streamed back.
Key Products
PDL-300 Dual-sensor Camera
PQL01 Quad-sensor Camera
PVL-8K Camera
Command Vehicle
PDR01 Delivery Kit
PMP01 Megaphone
Unmanned Inspection
Auto docking station + UAV can realize unmanned operation and remote control
Inspection HD Platform
PDL-1K dual-sensor camera and PVL-8K camera, with clearer details and more accurate identification of hidden dangers
Inspection Report
The data analysis system intelligently analyzes the inspection data and automatically issues an inspection report
Key Products
PVL-8K Camera
Command Vehicle
PMP01 Megaphone
Multiple Uses
Supports multiple payloads and meets the needs of diverse scenarios
Unmanned Duty
K01 docking station provides automatic charging , all-day duty, and complete inspection tasks autonomously.
Remote Control
S400E can be directly controlled by remote control in emergent tasks, which can shorten the rescue time and improve the efficiency
Key Products
PDL-300 Dual-sensor Camera
PVL-8K Camera
How the solution works?
Disaster Warning System
Command Scheme
Training Services
We provide drone training services for firefighters and any other professionals from the emergency sector who want to incorporate drone technologies to their work.
Experienced Team
Training Qualifications
Training Base
User Cases
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