Power Grid
With the help of UAV, visible and infrared visions, and docking station, power grid maintenance engineers may inspect the towers and lines with elevated efficiency and reduced risks.
Higher Efficiency
Remote control of unmanned operation, all-weather intelligent patrol operation, saving time and effort.
Multi payload replacement and multi-scenario application
Safer Than Ever
Safe operation at high altitude and close range, reducing the risk of manual inspection
Power inspection
Power Generation Inspection
Other Special Operations
Long Flight Time&Ultra-clear
S400E can take up to 58 minutes for a single flight, and can be equipped with PDL-1K dual-sensor camera and PVL-8K camera,comprehensively improves the inspection efficiency
Unmanned Inspection
Remotely control the automatic K01 docknig station, realize unmanned operation of power inspection
Automatic Route Planning
The track planning system automatically recognizes the type of towers and automatically generates tracks
Inspection Reports Auto Generation
The data analysis system intelligently analyzes the inspection data and automatically generates an inspection report
Key Products
PDL-1K Dual-sensor Camera
Power Smart Inspection Platform
Large area&All-round
S400E UAV+PDL-1K dual-sensor camera can comprehensively inspect the equipment and modules of the power station from all angles
High-resolution self-developed infrared detectors can effectively improve the level of infrared inspections and the accuracy of AI algorithm defect identification
One-key Inspection Report Generation
The data analysis system intelligently analyzes the inspection data and automatically generates an inspection report
Key Products
PDL-1K Dual-sensor Camera
PQL01 Quadra-sensor Camera
Power Smart Inspection Platform
Large load, long flight time,
long-distance operation
Intelligent control,
simple flight operation
Dual RTK anti-magnetic interference,
safe operation in close range
Multi-payload replacement,
rich application scenarios
Power Grid Inspection Service
GDU team has rich experience and provides professional power inspection services, including channel inspection and refined inspection of the main network and distribution network, as well as substation inspection and other services.
Substation Inspection
Detailed Inspection
Distribution Network Inspection
Corridor Inspection
Main Network Inspection
Training Services
Provide training services in the power inspection industry. The Flight Academy is committed to providing high-quality UAV training services, flight simulation training, and cultivating high-quality talents for various industries.
Experienced Faculty Team
Training Qualifications
Training Base
User Cases
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